Get Ready: Clash of the Artists Showcase Weekend May 13-14

20 04 2011

We are very proud of everyone who participated in the competition, and the winners have been determined. Now it’s time to celebrate! Art For Progress is hosting a fabulous May weekend of awesome art, fashion, and music!  

On Friday, May 13th, we will kick off the weekend with a special VIP preview reception, where you can meet the artists, preview the artwork, and enjoy delectable bites and fine wine. Benefitting the AFP arts education program, it will be followed by our visual arts winners opening reception. On Saturday, May 14th we will bring the best in fashion and live music together in one fabulous night!

Find out more info and purchase tickets at  Availability is limited.

-Allyson Jacobs


Clash of the Artists 2011: Make Your Vote Count!

15 03 2011

AFP’s “Clash of the Artists 2011” is in full swing, where the on-line community is enjoying some awesome art, music, fashion, and “creative” work. If you have not visited the AFP site lately, check it out HERE. Here is a piece from last year’s visual arts winner, Chris Soria:

"Fractured Lattice" by Chris Soria

-Allyson Jacobs

Sohung Designs and Collective NY Fashion Week Presentation 2/15, 7:30pm

13 02 2011

On Tuesday, February 15th, AFP designers Sohung DesignsIliana Quander of Amparo3, and Sandra Baquero
will present their Fall 2011 collections at Gallery 151 These three talented designers form  Sohung Designs & Collective (store @ 312 E. 9th Street, NYC) AFP is proud to include them in our organization, and look forward to a great show! The doors open at 7pm, and the show begins at 7:30. Gallery 151 is located at 350 Bowery(@Great Jones). RSVP to to attend.

-Allyson Jacobs


Submissions Being Accepted for “Clash of the Artists 2011”

26 01 2011

Art For Progress (AFP) is pleased to announce the fifth annual international artist competitions “Clash of the Artists 2011.” AFP inspires exceptional international talent to submit their work, get involved, gain valuable exposure and support art education. Submissions opened January 1st, 2011 and continue through February 13th. Work submitted from participating artists (visual art, music, fashion, film and creative) will go live on AFP’s website February 21st, where the the online community will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite artists through March.

In contrast to previous years, for the 5th annual event, AFP has organized a panel of industry professionals and artists to review the work of each finalist and determine the winners. The top 10 visual arts finalists will be reviewed, and the top 5 in live music, fashion, and film (Creative winner is determined from online voting only). The winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) will be based on the review of our expert panelists. Finalists who are not selected as winners by the panel will receive honorable mention, as well as discounted membership offers and promotional opportunities.

Not only will our winners receive great prizes, they’ll also be featured at showcase events soon to follow the review of our panelists. AFP is planning a high-level PR campaign focusing on the upcoming showcase events and the winners of “Clash of the Artists 2011.” The submission fee is $20 for the first month (through January) and $25 from February 1st through February 13th. Artists can submit up to 3 images, 3 tracks and 1 film for the $20 submission fee.

Artists are encouraged to get on board, submit their work and gain exposure while supporting art education. Works can be submitted on the AFP website,, or via mail to 151 First Avenue, Suite 26, New York, NY 10003. A printable form is available on the website for mail-in submissions.

AFP’s impressive list of panelists includes: Laurence GARTEL, Digitial Media Artist; Natalie Kates, Style Curator; Grace Jones, Publicist, Tell All Your Friends Music Publicity and Management; D.L. Byron, Zen Archer Music Publishing; Lauren Sherman, Editor,; Michelle Alleyne, Owner, M-Shop Inc; and Daniel Maldonado, Producer, Gashouse Films.

Participating artists’ work will go live on AFP’s website on February 21st. This is when artists; art aficionados; and music, fashion and film lovers from across the globe will converge to decide who makes it to the final round. All of the proceeds from “Clash of the Artists 2011” will support AFP’s growing Art & Humanities Education Program.

Visit the AFP website,, for full details!

-Allyson Jacobs

Upcoming Show Tomorrow 1/19: Ricardo Ramos in Berlin

18 01 2011

Tomorrow, January 19th designer Ricardo Ramos will present his fall/winter 2011-12 collection, “RECONSTRUCTING KLEDERDRACHT” in a solo show during  Berlin Fashion Week at the Instituto Cervantes Berlin. We look forward to seeing the full collection, and will report more later. Here is a link to the video invitation. Ricardo was a former winner in the fashion category of our annual international competition, “Clash of the Artists.”

We are currently accepting applicants in this year’s competition. Go to the AFP homeapage for full details!

Part 3: Art Basel Miami 2010

19 12 2010

We caught up with our friend Laurence Gartel in Miami. As “the father of the digital art movement,” he has always pushed boundaries and raised the bar through his work. This year he collaborated on a new clothing/swimwear line featuring his prints. A fashion show was held at Nikki Beach on Friday, December 3rd.  Of course we had to snap a photo of his fabulously printed CAR, a roadster commissioned by Tesla! See below:

Laurence Gartel

Laurence Gartel

Laurence Gartel's Car

To complete our coverage of Art Basel Miami 2010, here are a few parting shots:

Outdoors at Gab Studio

– Allyson Jacobs

Artist Interview: Pere Ibanez

14 12 2010
I am excited to post this interview with Pere Ibanez. We came to know Pere through our international competition last year, “Clash of the Artists 2010,” where his work showed an edgy, creative sense of otherworldliness. His recently published book, “EneME,” has been published in 14 countries, and has been very popular on an international  level. I love his work, and what he has to say.
1. Can you describe your work in the book, and how it came to fruition?
 “EneME” is a collection of photographs that I’ve been working on for a year and half. Many of these photos have already been in competitions, group exhibitions and won awards, like for example the last “Clash of the Artists 2010” where I got 3rd place for three of my pieces. My works are “art photographs,” and I guess that because of my cinematographic background, they look more like movie sequences rather than conventional photography. I do the makeup, set up the lights, and of course, direct the model/actor’s interpretation of the character.

The idea of the book as a whole is human self-destruction. I think it is a common reaction to destroy/kill what we don’t understand, and that’s exactly what happens when we don’t get to know ourselves better. We end up destroying our own lives. So I isolated that dark entity that lives inside us, trying constantly to break us down and tear us apart, and I named it “eneME”.

The book is divided into different forms of emotional suicide: inner demons, love, beauty, addictions, loneliness, lack of confidence and blind faith. I’ve been wanting to do this project for some years now, but I just wasn’t ready to face my own demons. It wasn’t until one day in the summer of 2009, when I had reached a new low, that I woke up and knew I had to do something about it, this project.

2. What has surprised you the most in regards to the book, and how well it has done internationally?

Well, the idea of publishing a book was just to close up this chapter of my life, and, in a way, to build up a bit of my portfolio as an artist. I never expected that people would actually buy it; wasn’t even sure that my friends would, it being quite expensive and all that. I expected even less that it would become published in so many countries (14 right now).

The moment things picked up, becoming number 1 on the Spanish charts and getting some attention from the media, I just couldn’t believe it. Especially since there’s not even a marketing campaign backing it up. I don’t think I’m going to get much further with this book/project, but it has been great. I’m really proud and thankful to everybody who supported it. My only way to thank them will be working harder on the next one.

3. What inspires/influences your work the most? Has that changed in the past couple of years with so much turmoil in the economy, terror threats, natural disasters, etc?

What really inspire me are human stories, what happens to people around me, how they feel about it, and how they react. Global issues do not inspire me so directly, but they do in the sense that they affect ordinary people, and it’s them who I’m talking about. But I do believe that we live in a world where we don’t pay enough attention to individuals, and hopefully that is reflected somewhat through my work.

4. How long have you been working as an artist?
 I’ve been involved in art ever since I can remember, but it was during my university years and the ones immediately after, that I was quite involved in filming and writing. I even directed 3 short-movies (2 of them recognized in film festivals such as Sitges 02-03). That was in 2002-2003, and after a couple of artistic heartbreaks, I stopped for some years. But I never stopped writing and taking notes for new ideas. In 2009, I started painting again, and later on working on this photo project.
5. Where are you from? Where have you lived? How have these places influenced you as an artist?
I’m Spanish and lived in Barcelona most of my life. It was in 2007 that I moved to Beijing (China), such an international city, where I had the chance to meet people from all over the world. With time and constant culture shock (I’m done with “Hello Kitty” and all the pink stuff) I have realized that behind the cultural barriers, we all share similar problems, we do have more in common than what we think, and I believe that all of us have an “EneME” inside.
6. Where is your favorite place to work? To relax/recharge?
 Right now, I live in the art district of Beijing, a bit away from the center, and that’s where I work better, especially after dark. To relax I like quite the opposite, there’s no place like a sunny beach. I love Phuket (Thailand).
7. What are you working on now? Any new shows/events in the near future? If so, where/when will the show occur? Is it open to public?
 I’m planning exhibitions in China (Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing). Once the place and time is confirmed, it will be announced on my website and facebook. I’m getting ready for a new photo collection, and the new shootings will begin this coming January. I’m going to take it to the next level. I won’t reveal much about it yet, but I’m really excited and can’t wait to begin.
8. Where can people buy the book on-line?
 The book is available in 14 countries, and can be found in major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Abebooks, Alibris, Powells, Buy.Com, Books-A-Million … all listed on my website,

 9. What is the best piece of advice you have received regarding life in the art world? Life in general?

That’s a difficult question — I guess one piece of very good advice has been “Don’t take yourself too seriously”. Another good one would be quit smoking, but its unrelated to art and I haven’t come through on it (yet) so let’s forget about it for now…

10. What is the one piece of advice you would give to the emerging artists out there trying to make it?
 My advice to other emerging artists would be: Follow your heart (twisted or not).

-Allyson Jacobs

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