Art Basel Miami Part 2 of 3

12 12 2010

After attending the Fountain and Seven exhibitions at Art Basel, we saw some really impressive work at Gab Studio and the Pulse Art Fair

Here are some of our favorites:

Alex Yanes at Gab Studio

Ian Swain at Gab Studio

"Fourth Street Flop" by Charlie Roberts at Pulse

"Straggler" by Rob Putnam at Pulse

Street Scene Wynwood district of Miami

-Allyson Jacobs


Art Basel Miami 2010

6 12 2010

We were fortunate enough to spend some time in Miami this past weekend, looking at some great art and soaking up a little sun. Now back in NYC and the cold weather, we would like to share our thoughts and favorite images. Two AFP artists, Max Greis and Philip Simmons, participated in the Fountain Art Fair. Overall, it stood out for both its friendly appeal, and for the extent of compelling, talented artists. We enjoyed the Wynwood district in Miami, and look forward to seeing the area grow as an arts hub. Here are some of the most noted works:

Max Greis at the Fountain Art Fair in Miami

Philip Simmons at the Fountain Art Fair

"The Pornography of America" installation by Greg Haberny

Ray Sell at the Fountain Art Fair, Leo Kesting Gallery

We also enjoyed the Seven art exhibit. With an impressive collaboration of galleries such as PPOW, Pierogi, and Hales, the show featured large-scale work.

"Evacuation II" by Yoon Lee at the Seven exhibit

"Stardust 2010" by Adam Cvijanovic at the Seven exhibit

 We will continue our coverage from Art Basel in the coming week. Stay tuned!

-Allyson Jacobs

Welcome to AFP’s Winning Musicians!

27 11 2010

Recently AFP hosted an international on-line music competition on Sonicbids.

With an overwhelming response of talented musicians, we were able to select a great group of winners!  From rock to rap to world music, we heard alot of great work, and are very excited about  these musicians. Make sure you check them out by accessing their profiles in our artists section. The winners all show the distinct qualities of progressivness, talent and originality. We look forward to hearing more from them as part of AFP!

Winners: ArgotecLachiJon SamsonRed BaronLucille’s Mixed NutsMerry Ellen Kirk, Morgen La Civita and The Yage Letters.

Honorable Mentions: Sean Waterman, Terri Stott. Inky Glass, Candice A, Ray Gehrig, Greg Chako, Wakah Chan, Roger Mapes, Sean 360x, Aria Novos, Neil Nathan, and Mighty Kate.

“Critical Mass” Group Art Exhibition October 15th

3 10 2010

AFP will present “Critical Mass” on Friday October 15th from 6-10pm. There will be a second viewing on Saturday, October 16th 12noon-4pm. The show will take place at HeadQuarters Gallery in Tribeca, 385 Broadway, second floor. Curated by Natalie Kates, the exhibit asks “In these uncertain times does it seems the world is reaching a Critical Mass? What will be the tipping point for a new order or action to occur and will it be in the name of evolution or revolution?”

The 16-artist show consists of sculpture, painting, photography and digital art.
The participating artists are as follows:

Adam Cohen, Berette Macaulay, Chris Soria, Fareeha Khawaja,
Gabe Kirchheimer, Ione Citrin, JAK, Jeanne Wilkinson, Juan Manuel Pajares,
Kenneth Yee, Lance Dehne, Marina Reiter, Max Greis, Philip Simmons,
Sima Schloss, Yuriy Bobrykov.

A hard-bound book featuring the artists will be available to commemorate the show. Music will be provided by dj Dennis Sebayan. RSVP to

-Allyson Jacobs

Tomorrow: “Fashion Interaction.” Shop till You Drop!

20 09 2010

We will be at the Avenue Loft tomorrow from 11am-9pm, 15 W. 28th St, 10th fl with a crop of fashion and accessory designers. Come out and purchase some great clothing and accessories for fall, while enjoying food, wine, beauty tips, wine, music and back massages!

Here is our schedule:

11am-12noon: Brunch, Jazz, and Bellinis, quiches compliments of Jessica Lugo

12:30pm-2pm: 10-minute massages compliments of Julia Webb Massage Therapy in the lounge

2pm-4pm: Mini-makeover and beauty tips by John Henry Edington, AFP’s beauty director

4pm-6pm: Personal shopping and style tips

5:30-6:15pm: Acoustic music set by Abby Bernstein

6:15-7:00pm: Acoustic music set by Barry Komitor

7:00-7:45pm: DJ set by DJ Jago

7:45- 8:30pm: DJ set by Brett from Boundless

6-8:30pm: Wine tasting from Winerium

After 6pm: cupcakes compliments of Jessica Lugo

Go to the event page for all the details!

-Allyson Jacobs

Visual Artist of the Month: Philip Simmons

14 09 2010

AFP is currently featuring Brooklyn-based artist Philip Simmons as our visual artist of the month. His thought-provoking work is summed up best by quoting the artist:  “By combining disparate images and objects into a piece, I attempt to capture the complexity of political and cultural debate.”

Here are a couple of great pieces. Check out more of Philip’s work on the AFP website.



"Double Eagle"

-Allyson Jacobs

Designer Interview: Ricardo Ramos

6 09 2010

I am so excited to present this interview with AFP designer Ricardo Ramos. His work is inspiring, and each piece tells a story rich in heritage and craft. The Colombian designer has lived all over the world, and his line shows depth and grace that only a true artist can achieve in fashion. Ricardo is also the featured designer on the AFP website.

Tell us about your upcoming show in London.

The event, Untold VII, will host the presentation of my latest collection, “The Indian Trend” S/S 2011 at the Design Museum of London, as the “London Design Festival” fashion event for London Fashion Week on the 20th of September.

Can you describe your work? What materials do you generally use and why?

My work is based on research in the universal cultural legacy, and tribal and indigenous traditions. I use traditional fabrics, and I also recycle and customize traditional garments.  I use fashion as a medium to approach cultural heritage to the people.

What inspires/influences you the most? Has that changed in the past couple of years with so much turmoil in the economy, terror threats, natural disasters, etc?

The magical and mysterious India is where I’ve been developing my latest collection for men and women. Things have changed indeed in the last couple of years, but I do not work for the aspirational market. I´m keen to please a customer who is more interested about fashion as a cultural statement.

How long have you been working as an artist/designer?

I started drawing my first clothes for myself at the age of 8 and I did my first garments for a fashion show when I was 13. I could say my whole life!

What have you done in preparation to get to where you are now in your life as a designer?

Loads of hand stitching jajajajaja!!! I´m kidding. I think it is important I believe in myself and I am loyal to my principles. I enjoy my work as a designer and I’m the one who always gave the chance to myself to do something. I never waited for someone or a brand, or even a company to give a chance to me. I gave it to myself.

Where are you from? Where have you lived? How have these places influenced you as an artist?

I´m Colombian Born and also I’m a Spanish citizen, very proud to be  both Spanish and Colombian. I lived in Colombia and Spain off course, also in Paris, London, Brussels and currently I live in Berlin. All of those places are marvelous and I feel so lucky I have such big cultural immersions studying, living and working in those places, meeting people from different cultures, races, religions and taste, as well the history of each place, and my admiration for the traditions influenced me as a designer.

Where would you like to live in the future?

I´m feeling happy in Berlin now, tomorrow I don´t know! The world is open to enjoy it! I like living in a place where I feel creative and productive, and this is currently happening to me here.

Where is your favorite place to work? To relax/recharge?

My favorite place to work is where my inspiration is. I love working with local people anywhere I go. To me a place is the people; to relax/recharge there is nothing like Barcelona to me!

What is the best piece of advice you have received regarding life in the art world? Life in general?

Do what you really love to do and follow your instinct.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to the emerging artists out there trying to make it?


In the town where you live, what is your favorite place? Why?

I love in summer time going to Tempelhoff park, the former Berlin city airport, is great! I meet friends to do some acroyoga, picnic with them and relax! Nothing more glamorous than relaxing happiness!

-Allyson Jacobs

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